American HVAC Mfg., Inc., located in Southern California is a manufacturer of Die-Stamped Round Fittings for the spiral pipe industry.Our mission at American HVAC is to provide a superior quality product at the lowest possible price. To achieve these aims, our facility is equipped with a modern machine shop staffed with trained professionals that specialize in deep drawing dies. This enables us to not only design and build the highest quality tool and dies, but also, maintain these dies to ensure the best possible operating conditions. As a result, we are a leading company in our field.One of the product lines we specialize in is Die-Stamped Elbows. This is a complete product line that includes not only Long Radius Elbows, but also Short Radius and Flanged Elbows. In addition to  elbows, American HVAC manufactures through stamping process, End Caps, Reducers, and many different types of Take Offs such as Bellmouths, Start Collars, Conical Taps and Saddles. We offer the lowest price nationwide, excellent quality products, fast and friendly customer service and substantial inventory ready to ship today.



Our Tool & Die Department builds your die to your exact specifications



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